Segment Synopsis

-+- The Early Days -+-

Version 3/2 Complete!

The first group of comics, very random and uncontrolled, these are my first comic pages period. Not a whole lot of progression going on here, though some major characters first appeared here. Can be skipped if you so desire.

-+- Introducing the P.S.S.S. -+-

Version 2 Complete!

The "Puffball Super Secret Society" made its initial appearance here, though only with two members, Kubby and Kublie. A bit more structured compared to other early comics, though like others, can be safely skipped if desired.

-+- Random Moments -+-

Version 2 Complete!

As the title says, this is similar to The Early Days, being random, un-structured, and the point where the comic hit its largest break, and got some changes to its design. It has some cuteness here and there, though nothing plot worthy to speak of.

-+- P.S.S.S. Returns -+-

Version 2 Complete!

The first really structured segment, with a proper over-arcing plot. This introduced a larger amount of the P.S.S.S. and fleshed them out a lot more. If you need to pick a spot to start reading, this would be the segment.

-+- Introducing the Thieves -+-

Version 2 Complete!

This is where the Thieving Kirbies first game onto the screen, and has a lot of cuteness and squishiness thrown in for good measure. As with the P.S.S.S. Returns segment, this one is structured and has a small little plot of its own.

-+- Passing the Time -+-

Another segment of random themed chapters, though they aren't all that out-there. This segment exists as a bit of stalling until the crossover with Ultimate Yoshi. As such, it can be safely skipped, though you will miss out on some cuteness.

-+- Kirby Adventure Crossover -+-

A crossover segment with Ultimate Yoshi's Kirby Adventure. This was the first purpose-made plot and structure in the comic, rather than being made so later. This features characters from UY's comic visiting mine, rather than a co-op segment. This has a surprising amount of Keeby in it, for a cross-over comic, and is worth the read, as it adds to his personality a great deal.

-+- Reasons -+-

My first self-developed plot for the comic, focusing on Keeby's past. This is only segment that takes place in an entirely different time period. While only a two kirbies were properly introduced in this segment, it is the home to the longest chapter. This segment is a necessary read, as it provides some back-story to the comic, and fleshes out Keeby extremely.

-+- The P.S.S.S. Strikes Back! -+-

A lot more light-hearted than Reasons, this comic brings the P.S.S.S. back into the spot light, adds a new member to their crew, and fleshes out the boss some more. Even though this focuses on the newest member of the P.S.S.S., it spends a great deal of time around Keeby's crew, further fleshing out the antagonism between the two.

-+- Castle Chaos -+-

The first segment to focus on the classic duo of Kirby and King Dedede. This segment fleshes out my King Dedede a great deal, while also allowing for the cute randomness of my Kirby. This segment also brings back the classic competition between Kirby and King Dedede, and allows for future conflict between the two.

-+- Marx Madness -+-

The first real showing of Marx in this comic, who hasn't even been hinted at before. While chaotic, he's shown in this segment to not be really evil, but rather a bored trouble-maker most of the time. This segment also fleshed out two of the kirbies semi-introduced in Reasons, giving them proper personalities.

-+- Adoption -+-

Fleshing out the Medics and explaining the unique situation that Kirky and Kirmy share, though thanks to delays, interruptions, and a lack of focus on my end, not a whole lot got said. However, it did place a new location for Pop Star, a hospital that still needs a few more coats of paint until its finished.

-+- The Third Anniversary -+-

The third anniversary, where a few more questions got asked, and I got myself back on track. While the other important dates and parties were just slapped into the other segments, this one got its own as a divider, giving me a chance to get back into the swing of things before I started the more serious segments below. There's a lot of the Author-Doo in this segment.

~=~ The Dark Matter Crisis ~=~

A multi-segment arc detailing the attack of Dark Matter.

-+- Dark Rising -+-

Arrival of Dark Matter and the corruption of Pop Star. Though the main threat is seldom seen, it's obvious how powerful its influence is, and how strong its become in all the (unknown) years since it last showed up. This segment includes quite possibly one of the most important and biggest changes in the cast list, as loyalties were shifted around in the end. A necessary read, as so many future changes started here.

-+- Darkness Overload -+-

The battle begins against Dark Matter, first with the cleansing of Dream Land before taking the fight to Dark Matter itself. But with Dark Meta Knight on his side, will Kirby and Keeby be enough to take it down? The climatic finish of the "Dark Matter Crisis." The current holder for the longest Segment in this comic.

~=~ The Dark Matter Crisis (Fin) ~=~

-+- Gourmet Goodies -+-

Pop Star recovers from Dark Matter with a little party, while the mythical Author-Doo celebrates two important time-marks. Koppit and Kabel, two kirbies I had on my "To Be Introduced" list for the longest time finally show up, even if just for a short while. They'll get some more time in the spot light eventually.

-+- Meta Knight -+-

With the Meta-Knights missing, Meta Knight must hunt find them and rebuild his force, but an old acquaintance shows up to challenge him. This introduced Kimmal to the cast list, and solidified the only recurring villain in the comic as well. There's also a great deal of Kirby, adding to his character some more, especially his interactions with Meta Knight and Kimmal. I think I managed to end this segment off more effectively, a style I'm going to try to keep up. Oh, and late in this segment's life is when the Comment Quips started. Who knows how long they'll last.

-+- Re-Guesting -+-

Has this placed turned into a vacation spot for visitors from other worlds? Why would anyone come back here AGAIN! Well I hope they weren't planning on any major adventures, those aren't ready yet. But at least they shouldn't be completely out of personality this time around. Or out of color too! It may not have been the most exciting of adventures, but who cares, it was fun.(A Crossover with Kirby Adventure)

-+- Dimensional Mishaps -+-

Poor Master Green, a failure of a villain in his homeworld, and now a squish magnet in this one. And poor Teelzy, always a magnet for weirdness. At least she's feeling better now, even if she doesn't look quite like she used to. This is where all the TACs get an introduction out of the blue. Expect more of them in future segments. Also we had the FIFTH ANNIVERSARY PARTY here. And a good splattering of the Author-Doo.

-+- King's Chaos -+-

Sick of the rebellious nature of Pop Star, King DeDeDe tries to bring it properly under his control. 'Tries' being the key word. Even when he manages to "hire" someone who can swap out abilities on the fly like Kirby can, his plans completely stall when it comes to reigning in the P.S.D.F. and the P.S.S.S. Better luck next-time, Your Fatness. At least you should be able to get others under control!

-+- Cuteness -+-

"Who's the cutest of Dream Land?" Channel DDD asks the world, and the chaos begins. And boy, did the chaos begin. Really, it's not a good idea to just announce to the world that you're back in action with something so big and attention grabbing like that. It throws everyone off, nothing really gets done, and the people expected to win don't. Believe it or not, the SIXTH ANNIVERSARY PARTY was here. That's right, only a couple of segments from the last one. This one really got away from me.

-+- New Management -+-

The P.S.S.S. has been under Kuzzie's thumb for a while now. How's she handling it? Well, not bad, really, it practically runs itself, though it's certainly taking its toll on Kruzzie. She gets a well needed "vacation" from the base, while Pem makes a surprise showing, with little to no planning that he was even going to be here. Hey, sometimes things just work themselves.

-+- Glitch in the System -+-

Sometimes things don't go as planned. Sometimes plans just fart themselves out. And sometimes, just sometimes, the Author-Doo does something weird. And by weird I mean introducing someone who was rejected from my timeline and letting him run around, being a totaly... glitch. Doesn't mean I'll let him get away with any dastardly evil plans. I have to mess with evil just as much as I do good. It's in my rule book. Page 73.

-+- Slice of Cake -+-

Every now and then, people just want to live their lives without having the whole world know about it. Like I'd ever let them do that. And what's the best way to bother them in their daily lives? Make Fizrim experience it all. Poor guy. At least he took it in stride. And it's nice to see what everyone's up to when they're not really the focus. What? It's not like I watch what EVERYONE's up to at the same time. I only have one eye.

-+- Mirror Mirror -+-

Mirror Kirby's been in Dream Land too long now, it's almost like he's forgotten about his real home. So I decided to give him a swift kick in the backside to make sure he went home and actually did his job for a change. Sure, I had throw in some other people to make sure he got brought in line, but hey, when your employees are lazy, you sometimes need to take drastic measures.

-+- A Secret -+-

Kirby somehow knows everyone's name, even if he's never met them before. Just HOW does he do it? Well, he's never going to tell, because it's a secret. Duh. And don't look at me, because I don't know how he does it either. Still, who cares about that when we have cute little Lillit finally up and about in the main comic world. Isn't she adorable? She can sure eat too. Must be a "baby" kirby thing.

-+- Boredom -+-

Kexas is the best, no doubt about that. But it's starting to lose its fun, when no one can challenge her. She got into such a slump that nothing was fazing her. NOTHING! Thankfully, I know a way to get her back in shape, a Grand Champion fight with the very first one the Arena ever had! The most amazing Arena match Dream Land has ever seen! Oh, and we had the Ninth Anniversary here.

-+- Rebellion -+-


They've had enough. King DeDeDe needs to be ousted.

-+- Ribbon -+-

What, thought I dragged her in for absolute randomness alone? Of course! Doesn't mean she's allowed to leave whenever she wants, though...

-+- Feelings -+-

Oh for the love of sugar, why are you little kirbies doing this to me? What have I ever done to you? ...Don't answer that.

-+- Thieving Past -+-

Sure, they've been with the Medics for a while now, but can they truly escape their thieving ways?

-+- Meta v Meta -+-

Oh why can't you two get along? Surely you have some things in common. Like stabbing people.

-+- Ready, set, GO! -+-

The even of a lifetime as many come together to race across Dream Land in whatever land-based vehicle their heart desires! Excitement! Drama! Random chicken crashes!

-+- Status Quo -+-

Still making cakes and working on that mine? Good. Proceed as per normal.

-+- Mad Scientists -+-

What would happen if Kaaby, Kruzy and Klooshy got together for one big technological project? Oh the horror...

-+- Poyoness -+-

What happens when you leave Kirby in charge of the younger kirbies? Cute chaos, that's what.

-+- Slice of Pie -+-

Some people just really want an uneventful day to just do as they please. Sounds like a fine time for some evil fun time.

-+- Painter's Block -+-

Art on Popstar was never that fancy anyway.

-+- Squish -+-

Greenie gets no respect.

~=~ .0 ~=~

A multi-segment arc scheduled for sometime in the future.

-+- Light of Darkness -+-

Act One

-+- Shadow of Light -+-

Act Two

-+- Balanced Grey -+-

Act Three

~=~ .0 (Fin) ~=~