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Replacing Photobucket -

So, as of this news post, I've fixed the image links on the Cast pages, the Link pages, and the in-comment Quips for both KDA and DDD News. That was a thing.

I'm asking anyone reading this to keep an eye out if they're going through the archive for Photobucket's lovely upgrade image, and post a comment on that page to let me know. I'll either try to figure out what belonged there or just simply remove the image link.

Hopefully Imgur won't pull the same bullcrap...


Alright, I'll read through the comic. I'll edit this comment as I go.

250 comics down, 0 comics broken.

Also, I read in the forums that posting in Imgur for 3rd-party content is against their ToS. Maybe try something else like Postimage, or save it on your PC like I do? I just save my comics on my PC and USB to ensure that they don't disappear, and if both go die in a hole, I can just right click-save everything on my new PC, lol

Posted @ Jul 05 2017 12:04 pm

Oh yeah, are you having these issues in DDD News? I'd be happy to help if you are.

Posted @ Jul 05 2017 03:22 pm