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Let's Play Schedule -

So unlike my comic, I'm setting myself a schedule for my Let's Play channel.

What do you mean my comic has a schedule? I make no plans as to when a segment starts or ends, it does when it does. And "every day" isn't really a schedule, it's just what happens.

Anyhoo, over at my channel, I already have the basics started. As a general rule, I'll most likely record new episodes (even if you don't see them for a while,) on Mondays and Thursdays. Why these two days? They're the only days Ray isn't streaming normally. Why does that matter? Clearly you need to be introduced to the Brownman.

Now for the actual part you care about, the videos! This is scheduled as follows:

+Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Monday, Wednesday, Friday

+Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - Same days after KotOR is finished

+Star Wars: The Old Republic - Double upload on Tuesday & Thursday

KotOR and TOR will be going at the same time, then KotOR2 and TOR after KotOR is done. Why does TOR get a double upload on its days? I'm gonna try to keep the two playthroughs running at the same pace, so I'll upload one on each side those days. Will it stay that way? Who knows! I might play one character much more than the other.

What about the weekends you ask? Well, if I actually record some, expect the I Play to go up then. I may also throw up some BONUS episodes of TOR (ones that don't pertain to the playthroughs.) If I don't have anything to go up, then nothing will go up. That's all there is to that.

What's on the docket for after I finish with all the Star Wars? If I can get it to work, I hope to do the Mega Man Battle Network series. If not, possibly the Mass Effect series.

But Doo! DOO! You do a Kirby sprite comic! Why aren't you playing any Kirby games?! Sure, I could~, they're short and sweet little games, but you know, Ulti's got a lot of Kirby games up. Enjoy those. They're really good. And funny. Ulti is funny when he rages. I'm just snarky.


I'm looking forward to your Battle Network LP. (I watch the LPs I want, that's why TeamMiel/OcariKnights and Ulti are my favorite LPers: They do games that are from my favorite series: Mega Man in general, Kirby, Mario, sometimes Sonic, and sometimes Zelda, possibly also Metroid and Tales of.

Posted @ May 18 2015 05:26 am

That sounds pretty good. I'm especially looking forward to a Mega Man Battle Network LP.
If I may make a suggestion: You've mentioned you play Pokemon a lot; you could make a Let's Play of one of those games.

Posted @ May 18 2015 05:31 pm