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Back in the swing of things! -

That's right. My comic focus is back in its proper slot, and I actually have a lot of good ideas running through my head. And just in time for the new year too!

So, get ready for a great year of comic making from me. For starters, the Dark Matter segments are starting on Kirby's Dream Adventure. That's right, SEGMENTS. There will be TWO whole segments with the same over-all theme. This will probably be the most serious segment that'll ever grace the comic, so enjoy it, and be surprised. I think you'll really like how it turns out. Expect the "Dark Matter Crisis" to take over a better part of the year.

You still want your chuckles and randomness? Fear not, for Channel DDD News is starting up once again, picking up where it left off! We still have a bit to go with the Championship Battle, but don't forget to leave an idea for a new segment over there. Remember, lots of chuckles and cuteness to balance out the dark seriousness.

So, just let me say, welcome to 2013 everyone, and get ready for a good year!


happy new yeeeaaaaar!!!!! :DD

Posted @ Dec 31 2012 11:08 pm