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Mid-Summer Update -

We're well into the Cross Over between Ultimate Yoshi's Kirby Adventure and my Kirby's Dream Adventure. Just a couple of things to let you know...

One, you need to head over to UY's Kirby Adventure. We're each maintaining our own comics. Some of my characters (including my Kirby,) are over there, while some of UY's are over here. To get the full hilarity of it, you need to bounce back and forth.

Two, you may notice, as time goes by, a bit of a change to my comic. I'm slipping further and further from the whole "gag-a-day" format (though there'll usually be one joke or another,) to a more "serial" format, where segments start flowing a bit more logically. Well, as logically as it gets when twenty of your characters are round puffballs

Well, that's about it. Hope you keep enjoying the comic.


I've been saying that on my comic since the beginning. 'Bout time you caught on! *hit*

Posted @ Jul 23 2011 09:05 am