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Not Again... -

Sorry, folks, looks like my network cards have decided to kick the bucket... LAN and Wireless! So, unfortunately, for the unforeseeable future, the comic's on hold. Can't just kick someone else off theirs... I don't know the password for their computers. So, thanks for the comments, I hope I can get back to you soon enough.

By the way, posting from my PSP, I love that little thing.


aw that's a shame man. my internet used to go faulty every week but luckily i managed to fix it. i hope you get it working soon.
p.s you should do what i do and post all your pages but set them to be released a day apart. then if your ever not on the computer one day they still upload. i miss a few days due to a extremely comfy bed xD

Posted @ Aug 09 2010 01:18 pm


Hey battlestar its shane. If you want I have a extra usb wireless card you can have If it gets you back on wow or yahoo. You've been gone 5 days now and i miss you! XD

Posted @ Aug 09 2010 07:52 pm