Here's where I give a shout-out to some other comics.


The personality formerly known as Ultimate Yoshi, Ulti's been a long-time reader, a help, and a partner in crime. So naturally I'll link some of his stuff.

-+-A CYOA from Ulti, but it's not your standard CYOA, he maintains some degree of control. Think of it more like those ol' Goosebumps books where if you didn't choose the right option, it's the end of the story for you. It features his charming art style as well, so it's definitely worth the read.

-+-If you like Kirby, and can't just can't get enough, head on over to Kirby Adventure. A very story-based comic, where everything somehow leads to another. Go join the Kirby Adventure Squad (KAS) on their wacky, fun, and often action packed, adventures.

-+-Ulti's is both a Let's Player and a reviewer. Here you can see him review comics of an author's asking. Got a webcomic you want reviewed and can both take a little constructive criticism and blunt honesty, then go ahead and ask him!

Let's Plays

-+- Speaking of Let's Plays, here's his Let's Play channel. Do be so kind as to pop over, give the vids a watch and lay down a subscription. You know you want to.


The artist formally known as Luigi_96. What's with all the name changing? Anyhoo, Nasheweegee's been a good fan for quite some time, and since he asked so nicely, here are a few of his comics.

-+- A dual-author comic with Ulti, though Nashew's the main man in control. It's gone through a few reboots, but he seems to have settled now. In fact, it was just listed as finished not too long ago. Congrats on actually ending a comic. Who knows when my insanity will actually run out.

-+-A sequel comic to one of Nashew's works when he was still known as Luigi. I'm not sure how needed a sequel comic is to something you can just keep adding on to, but hey, it's his comic, let him make the decisions.

-+-A comic focusing on a team of minions from the Mario verse. It's Nashew's newest work, so there's not a whole lot up at the moment of this link update. But hey, minions always get into the best shenanigans, so it's worth a read.

-+-JGamer asked, so here's their comic. This one follows the adventures of Kirby and Meta Knight trying to defend their NES hometown from Super Star Ultra Kirby. It updates on the weekend, and it's been around a fair bit, so pop on over and give it a snoop.


-+-Warpstar asked, so as the benevolent dictator I am, I gladly put this up. It's relatively new, decent looking, and are those a couple of my sprite edits I see? Nice to see that work being put to use by others. Anyhoo, give it a read. It doesn't have TOO many pages up just yet, so you should be able to catch up in no time.


-+-A pair of comics by DarkNut255. Kirby Funfest has gone through a restart, while Enter The Realm of Gaming isn't that old. Give him so patience, and watch his work, it looks like very decent quality.


-+-A pair of comics by Divine Knight, both featuring her fan character, Brooke. She's still getting into her stride, so give her plenty of patience.


-+- a "WarioWare"-esq comic by Quirby64_:D. I haven't read it yet (sorry, Quirby,) but hey, they asked, and as the benevolent Author-Doo, I kindly posted this link here.


-+- A multi-author comic of utter randomness, chaos and lack of connection. Mr. Sugar Noddy asked, but there are many authors for this comic.


What we have here is a Minecraft CYOA done machinima style from Quadforce. It's just getting off the ground, so give it time to see where it's going to go.


milomus2 asked, so I, in my great kindness, have linked this comic of his. It's got some nice looking sprite work, and it's fairly new as of this posting, so give it some time.


As requested by Kirbyfan27, here is there comic. It's just started as of this posting, and I mean JUST, so give it some time to kick into gear.

Other Comics by Me!

What? You didn't expect me to stay with just ONE comic all the time, did you?

Shifting the primary focus away from the kirbies of Kirby's Dream Adventure, we instead watch the antics of the Channel DDD News team as they risk life and limb to bring you the stories you know you want to see. Like any good news team, they'll hunt down the stories you ask them to do a report on, so if you're up for some zanny story suggestions, head over there! Just remember, this series ties into Kirby's Dream Adventure, so don't get too wild.

Favorites of Mine

Some comics here on Smackjeeves that I absolutely LOVE. Give 'em a read.

-+-Evil Plan is a hilarious comic that just plain needs to be read to understand. The art is great, the story bounces between serious and funny, and it has multiple "authors" who band together to make it so much better. The source of many evil fruitcake plans started here.

Honorable Mentions

Comics I've found hilarious throughout the net. None of these are on Smackjeeves, and are properties of their creators. Be nice to them now.

-+-This is the first Sprite Comic I ever read, and what eventually inspired me to make one of my own. While the comic has long since been finished, it's still maintains its weird sense of humor and total randomness that I love. Give it a try, if you're interested.


Looking for some good chuckles, zany adventures, and a just plain good time? Head on over to MS Paint Adventures, read and lol. The update schedule may be spotty at times, and the archive may be H U G E but trust me, it's definitely worth it!