The Cast

-+- Pop Star Defense Force -+-

Defenders of Pop Star, they'll protect it together, whether they really like each other or not!


Hero of Dream Land, this energetic pink puffball loves to eat, loves to sleep, and loves to pop out of nowhere, causing some crazy things to happen. Thanks to all the enemies and copy essences he's absorbed, he can tap into any "basic" power at will, though still requires the right source for more complicated powers, or a moment of intense focus to activate "Ultra Powers." Friendly to just about anyone, his child-like behavior tends to get on the nerves of the more mature kirbies, though because of what he's done for Pop Star, they tend to let it slide.


An unlikely hero, Keeby was once a kinder, happier kirby before certain situations caused both his attitude and personality to darken. The first kirby to tap into "Ultra Powers," he still can do some things that not even Kirby is capable off. While he doesn't really like helping others, and has been known to take part in some questionable practices, he can't really help saving others when they need it. One of the oldest known kirbies, though that still doesn't mean he's THAT old.

((KUHX-zel / koo-EE))

Former head of the P.S.S.S. who now heads up the information section of the P.S.D.F. While she generally comes off as an angry and hateful kirby, it's mostly because she has difficulties talking about her real feelings. Like all P.S.S.S. members, she can actually vanish from sight, though she's been having difficulties with it lately, and as such, rarely leaves the P.S.D.F. home base. Only a year younger than Keeby, she has a fairly chaotic relationship with him.


Techno-whiz, fastest builder on the planet, a kirby who knows how to do way too many things and never seems to stop. She's a bit of a clean-freak and hates it when something is misplaced or out-of-order. While she can be startled and scared, she tends to react violently during those kind of situations, much to nearly everyone's annoyance. Despite how much time she spends around others, she's never bothered to learn any other language than Poyoese.


A proud cook of funky dishes and secret Ninja, Kibby is a bit different than the rest of the P.S.D.F., as he prefers to take things easy and one day at a time. When he thinks the mood of a room is getting to dark or dismal, he will try to lighten it up by picking on his favorite target, his old friend Keeby. While not the greatest fighter of the bunch, he still maintains the P.S.D.F.'s food stores, and will defend them with his trusty ladle... unless it's Kaaby.


A fairly violent kirby, Korby doesn't go on very many field missions, staying behind as security for the P.S.D.F. While this annoys her to a certain degree, she finds the trust she's given with protecting her home more important. She has a tendency to be nearly eaten by just about anything with a big enough mouth, so she always carries a Fire Copy Essence with her at all times, ready to teach anything a new meaning to the word "spicy." Has a deep respect (and fear) of Kaaby.


Fizrim's managed to become a part of the P.S.D.F. quite easily, for one who dropped clear out of the sky, though he seems to be closest to Korby and Kirby. He's a surprisingly competent kirby when it comes to fighting, and very quick to adapt to all the weird situations he happens to find himself in. Heck, even the stranger things seem to be considered normal to him. Crap, he knows. I'll have to keep my eye on him.

-+- Puffball Super Secret Society -+-

Information gatherers and spies, the P.S.S.S. know everything and see everything, no matter how weird it is.


New head of the P.S.S.S. who, like her old boss, tries to keep her crew of kirbies hidden in the shadows to watch and learn, though that rarely works out for her. Like any good information broker, she'll provide anyone whatever they want to know for the right price, even if she has to dig it up herself. Though she tries her best, being the leader of the P.S.S.S. is quite hard on her, causing random outbursts against whoever happens to be around.


The youngest member (age wise) of the P.S.S.S., he actually holds the position of Second-in-Command now, despite whatever Kruzy thinks. While still not the best agent, his youthful spirit and determination set him apart from the others and actually help him out in his new position. He does his best to decrease the workload and stress on Kuzzie, and has even worked up the courage to yell at others if he has to. He's been filling in Kurmly's medical role since he left.

The kindest bit of Dark Matter you'll ever see. An old friend of Kirby's, he struck up a quick and fast friendship with Kroby while he was out on a mission. He's since become Kroby's "partner in crime," helping him out and mimicing what he does. While not really a part of the P.S.S.S. officially, he's still accepted there none-the-less. Kruzy's favorite target to pick on.


One of the main field agents of the P.S.S.S. who focuses on the getting the job done right, with as little violence and as much stealth as possible, despite what her partner, Kublie, wants to do. While she likes to think things through, she's can easily hold her own in a fight if she has to, though stops when it comes to hurting anything she considers "cute." Since Kuxxel left, she has been spending almost all her free time around Kublie, though she still respects her new boss.


A violent maniac in a group of quiet, stealthy individuals, she's partnered with Kubby as much as possible. Often given the job of an enforcer, she will make sure clients pay what they're supposed to, and not one Den less. She holds a lot of grudges, and is always ready to collect on them whenever she spots the person she doesn't like. She spends most of her free time around Kubby, which has calmed her down somewhat, since she no longer picks on Kroby as much (who is now her second boss.)


A mad scientist wanna-be who likes to talk in a really, REALLY creepy voice. Despite how badly most of his plans tend to fail, he never stops with them. His favorite target is Gooey, despite his friendship with Kroby, and this tends to put him on the bad side of Kuzzie a lot. He hasn't quite mastered the art of turning invisible yet which makes him a rather poor field agent. Whenever bored, he likes to walk around on a ceiling or a wall, a trick only one other kirby has figured out so far.


A former freelance mercenary, she joined when asked by Kuzzie do to her experience out in the field. She's quite the techy, using various tools and weapons to get the job done, including a device that makes her invisible, rather than learning the trick the rest of the P.S.S.S. use. She's opened up a bit more since joining a group of kirbies, though is still fairly quiet and introverted.


Pemimpin's not what you would call a kirby enjoying a simple life. He was essentially drafted into the P.S.S.S. after breaking into their base for some weird reason. He's certainly capable of taking it in stride, though, and since he is quite capable and willing to use Copy Powers, the P.S.S.S. have him around to prevent others from doing what he did. If only life was that fair to him. PS - Just call him Pem.

-+- Pop Star Medical Response -+-

Healers of Pop Star, they'll mend you up, no matter where you are or what you are.


Head of the P.S.M.R and the most gifted healer on Pop Star, Kurie is a friendly, kind and forgiving kirby, though she has a horrid sense of direction, and is lucky if she can get to where she wants to go in less than a week. She takes even the most bizarre thing in stride, uttering no more than a sigh before going about her work. Unlike most other medical kirbies, she actually channels some sort of healing energy into her patients. Nobody is quite sure how she does it.


One of the better known Medics, Kooby wins in the "Most Boring Kirby" department. He is rarely seen in one spot for long as he's most often traveling about to do his job, which has given him a great sense of direction, unlike Kurie. Though an old friend of Keeby's, he left that little group to focus on his job full time. One of the more neutral kirbies when it comes to just about anyone, he doesn't have any real enemies, though Klooshy finds him to be "boring beyond belief."


Formerly attached to the P.S.S.S., Kurmly left after the change in leadership, and spends most of his time managing the hospital now. He still manages to find time to visit Kuxxel though, as he is pretty much her personal doctor. While considered almost as boring as Kooby, he's a lot more responsive to pokes, prods and practical jokes, and is often holding a grudge against something Klooshy has recently done.


A young kirby who for some reason is studying to be a medic, and he is often thinking the opposite of what he's saying. You definitely don't want to ask him what's on your mind, or the floodgates will open. Though brash, Kurie seems to be able to control him and his attitude just fine, though why he's never explained. He loves fireworks and large explosions in general, thanks to a certain trip he took a while ago. Kiblis has come to find his antics funny, something the Medics sorely lack.


Another younger kirby, she's the personal student of Kurie, and is trying to learn how to heal others the same way, even with the "special tricks" she created herself. She's a rash individual, always leaping to the wrong conclusion about a given situation, and though she always means well, she usually ends up making things worse. She's also honest, almost to a fault, though will keep her mouth shut to try and not hurt another's feelings.


He was once a thief, stealing what he had to to get by, though he was "adopted" by Kurie. He still plays the "big brother" role for Kirky and Kirmy, and is most often watching over them. Surprisingly strong, he does a lot of heavy moving for the Medics, and is often sent out whenever they need something picked up or delivered. On good terms with Kirby, though most others are wary around him, thanks to his former lifestyle.

((ker-KEE, ker-MEE))

The only kirbies that are truly related to one another, coming from a now gone black hole. They are completely inseparable, always going to the same place or doing the same thing together. While happy-go-lucky and oblivious to anything bad, there are some differences between the two. Kirky always leads, for example, while Kirmy seems to pay attention to finer details. They cause cute trouble when they manage to slip away from watchful eyes.


An "inverted" kirby, she too was born from a black hole. She learned a unique trick that lets her create solid illusions that help her out or generally just be friendly to her. While having no real medical skills, she's become a decent gardener, and is more often than not caring for the Medic's herb supplies and plants. As long as a situation is under control, she's a happy and easy-going kirby, though when things start getting crazy, she enters a total freak-out mode.

-+- The Arena -+-

Home of the best brawlers in all of Dream Land, they provide the fans what they crave, massive violence.

Owner, manager, head-honcho, whatever you wanna call him, he's the one in charge when it comes to the Arena. Full of energy and easy to please, he always makes sure his fans AND his fighters enjoy themselves while at the Arena. Despite looking no different from your average Waddle Doo, he has never been challenged for ownership of the Arena, out of fear that Kexas, who has a bit of a soft spot for him, will beat them senseless. He hates coffee, but LOVES cake, enough to put it on a pedestal.

((kex-ahs [not "kicks ass"]))

The best fighter to have ever graced the Arena, and even after ten years, nobody has knocked her down from her position as Grand Champion. As she's spent most of her life in the Arena, all she really knows how to do is fight, and often comes off as rude when talking to other people. She also has a horrid memory when it comes to names, and often gives others nick-names based on what they look like, with only a few exceptions. Nearly everyone fears her strength, which is augmented by a unique variant of the Crash power.


Quite possible they most quiet person in all of Dream Land, Karby is a no-nonsense, get the job done with absolutely no questions asked kind of kirby. He's also well known for his massive weight, something that's quite unusual for a kirby. This has given him a really tough body, though he can't fly. He learned how to fight from Kexas, and uses her Crash variant when he has to. He's possibly the only real challenge Kexas has, and is often challenging her. He hasn't won... yet.


A mid-ranked Arena fighter, he's probably the most casual contracted fighter. If he wins, he's happy, if he looses, he simply tries again another day. While he doesn't have any extreme talent, he is a normal kirby and will use various copy powers to aid him. When not in a match, he often plays practical jokes on the other fighters, his preferred target being his main sparring partner, Klued.


Another mid-ranked fighter, he's far more zealous about it than his sparring partner, Kredy, is. He holds himself to a tight code of honor, and even if only bending it slightly would let him win a match, he refuses to do it. Like Kredy, he's a normal kirby, and uses copy powers in his matches. When not in a match, he is more often than not training, or being on the recieving end of Kredy's jokes.

-+- The King & His Court -+-

His Majesty rules over Dream Land with an iron stomach and a big hammer, with only a few truly loyal to him.

((English: DEE-DEE-DEE, Japanese: deh-deh-deh))

Self-proclaimed King of Dream Land, and sometimes all of Pop Star if he can get away with it, Dedede rarely does anything for his kingdom other than mooch off of his subjects. While the kirbies and a few others tend to be rebellious, most are kept in check thanks to his large army of minions and equal destructive hammer. About the only "good" thing he's really done for Dream Land is creating the money system, known as Dens. Unfortunately, this means everyone has to look at his face nearly every day.


One of the few kirbies who isn't rebellious towards King Dedede, and is in fact actually loyal to him, though this is mostly do to him giving her a job as his personal secretary. She's a fairly weak kirby, and rather fragile as well, so she tends to avoid confrontation when at all possible. This actually makes her a decent negotiator, though things rarely end up in her favor. She's probably one of the few people on Pop Star who's actually afraid of Kirby.


Logical and vengeful, a very weird combination, Cremu, like Kirby, can tap into basic powers at will, thanks to a bunch of training he's undergone. Drafted by King Dedede and made Commander of his forces, Cremu has a somewhat stuck-up and self-important attitude. Since he hasn't been at the whole power-changing routine as long as Kirby, he suffers from an unfortunate side-effect, his cheeks and feet changes color whenever he's using a power. This annoys him to no end. Absolutely hates the Doo.

-+- Battleship Halberd -+-

The Flying Fortress of Pop Star, home to those who hold honor above everything else.

Leader of the Meta-Knights, an honorable, if somewhat amoral individual. He is quite possibly the most skilled swordsman on Pop Star, and uses the sacred sword, Galaxia to great effect. Though he has been on the opposite side of the battlefield as Kirby plenty of times, he really holds no hatred for the pink puffball, or any of the other kirbies for that matter. He hides the fact from everyone that he is fact a kirby himself, though Keeby has his own suspicions.


There are grumpy kirbies. There are angry kirbies. There are down-right hating kirbies. And then there's Kimmal. A former squire of Meta Knights, he wields what appears to be a plain, simple sword, being unable to use copy powers like a normal kirby. While others may be annoyed by Kirby, Kimmal down-right detests the pink marshmallow, blaming him for being "discarded" by Meta Knight. He also hates himself, since he has a tendency of doing exactly what he was told despite not wanting to in the least.

-+- Unaffiliated -+-

They don't hold any loyalties to other groups, but its these kind of people that make up the heart of Dream Land.


A motherly kirby, Kible tends to watch out for the others, most often with a smile, but will scold those who misbehave, though doesn't really interfere with their lives. Generally seen with a calm smile, she likes to make others feel at ease. She likes to spend most of her time out on a walk, and most people have no idea where she actually lives. She's perhaps one of the few kirbies who don't fight against or for anything, and is also rumored to be the oldest.

Kirby's alternate from the bizarre "Mirror Land," technically his name is "Shadow Kirby," though he thinks that makes him sound too evil, and prefers "Mirror" instead. While he keeps a close eye on the Mirror World, where all his power is, he seems to prefer living in Dream Land, and actually has an underground castle that could rival any of Dedede's. While he doesn't get along with most of the kirbies, being from a another world, he is often seen in Kible's company, and is possibly the only kirby who knows her temper.


"The best baker in Dream Land," "The Cake-Maker," "The Master of Sugar." All titles used to describe Koppit, and she lives up to it. The best student of Chef Kawasaki's School for Bakers, she suffered through a traumatic cooking accident at the hands of Kibby, and has never really forgiven him for it. She has a tendency to deny what she's doing by offering a secondary description that tends to fit exactly, and people love to call her out over it. Is a huge (and possibly rabid,) Kirby fan.


Long time friend of Koppit, hes the owner of one of the most important mines in Dream Land, hunting down and mining up all the metal that nearly everyone uses. While generally seeing himself as a "side character," he can handle things on his own, and usually prefers to do so without making too large of a fuss. He's a fan of the Arena, and likes to visit whenever he has the free-time, but never manages to get good seats. Absolutely despises someone named "Murphy."


Pasci is a bit of an odd kirby. One would think she's another strong-but-silent type, but in fact she's as deaf as a rock. That doesn't stop her from being a bit of a prankster, or from standing up for people she thinks are being unjustly punished or attacked. She loves to paint, and will travel far and wide to find the perfect image or canvas to paint, whether it be a beautiful nature scene or a dull cave wall. No one's quite sure where she got her paintbrush from, but it never seems to run out of paint.


A brand new kirby, and we mean that literally. She's still so young that her only real interests are food, napping, and the occasional bit of learning what's going on around her. She doesn't really have her own developed personality quite yet. Gotta give her time to grow up a little first. Unknowingly in a cuteness competition with the twins.

Master Green was once a minion of Dark Matter, and Kirby soundly beat him during the first Dark Matter event on Dream Land. And this Master Green has a similar past as well. Hailing from another world, he once had a great master plan that fell absolutely flat, and thanks to "divine contract," he was given refuge over here. While it's taken him a while to adjust, he has started to call this world home. He currently works at the hospital, though doesn't really have any medical skills at all.

The "god" of this particular kirby-verse, he pops in from time to time just to mess with the people who live there. While quite possibly "all powerful," he never really seems to use his abilities for anything other than comedic purposes. Why did he decide to take up residence here and just how many copies of him are there? The world may never know...

-+- Villains -+-

Some evil forces or people just plain won't die and stay away from Dream Land.

A dark, twisted version of Meta Knight, who can stand blade-to-blade with his "light" self. No one is quite sure of where Dark Meta Knight came from. Some believe him to be from the bizarre Mirror Land, others think him to be spawned from Dark Matter. Even his motives, outside of interfering with Meta Knight, remain a mystery. All that is really known is that he is one of very few things Kirby will attack on sight, which may be a sign of how evil he may really be.


Someone who once was but turned out not to be, he was wiped out of history during the remakes, but managed to escape. He's not the nicest person in Dream Land, and he has a intense hatred of one of the Doo's. Since's he's a total glitch in the story, he has strange, glitchy powers that he seems to only used when threatened in some way. Why he's working with both Dark Meta Knight and Ikbry is a mystery.

Hah! Take that Doo! Take my chaotic chaos of inversion! ~Etam

An evil duplicate of Kirby. Made on a whim, and has nothing to do with the inverts that Teelzy can make. This one is out for the chaos and mayhem, and also to annoy Kirby every chance he can get. He's definitely the deadpan snarker of Team Evil.

To be introduced in the "Rebellion" segment.

-+- Quip Crew -+-

I may've been kicked out of my home comic, but that doesn't me I'm gonna stay down.

Hey there, Etam here. What, you were expecting the Doo to write something here? Well, whatever. I run the little quips that show up in the comment section. You say the Doo does? He lets me have almost free reign of that little corner of the White Space. I poke fun at you all, toy with any cameo he throws my way, and plot my future nefarious deeds against Ultizeta's comics. I'm here for a while, you dig?

This little multi-colored and dual-personality kirby is stuck in the quips with me. No idea why the Doo threw it in here, and I'm pretty sure this thing is both a girl and a guy at the same time. No worries for me, I'm an equal opportunity maniac. Certainly tries to be a good foil for me and a good fill in for when the Doo's not around. Will make a good substitute for me when I take a vacation from the White Space to storm my way into one of his comics.

Credits and Legal

Now we're given credit to those hard workers, cause I'm no where near talented enough for half this crap.

The sprites and backgrounds I used were ripped from Kirby Super Star Ultra for the Nintendo DS. They're done by various people, to many to list fully. I've been getting newer rips from the Spriter's Resource lately. Gotta keep stocked, ya know.

The lovely banner you see up top was done with the help of Ultizeta. Beautiful work, my scaly friend.

Oh, and by the way, the sprites used in this comic are from a game made by HAL Industries and Nintendo. I didn't make 'em. I don't own them. Do not make either mad by selling this comic in any way, shape, or form. You do, I will hunt you down, and you'll have to answer to the lawsuit from both of 'em.