The P.S.S.S. - Pt.5 Apr 19 2010 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

I apologize for this in advance. I've got 53 hours worth of Doctor Who to burn through, which kind've ruined any chance of a good, less cliché of a joke. So please, bear with me. We should have a proper comic tomorrow, when I'm takin' a break from WHO and Monster Hunter...

Posted @ Apr 18 2010 04:45 pm

Posted @ Jan 17 2019 02:08 pm

Version 2!

There was a silly black JPG here before. It's gone now.

...Which, if I remember correctly (and I'm probably not,) means that KDA is now officially JPG-less. Woo!

Posted @ Mar 17 2015 06:24 pm

The Fans' Comments:

You posted this in JPEG, and it looks like crap.

Posted @ Apr 19 2010 03:20 am

Darkness: The Lazy Spriter's Friend.

Posted @ Apr 19 2010 09:26 am

woot monster hunter :P

Posted @ Apr 20 2010 02:34 am

@BattleStarX: Woo! You still have several hundred more low-quality pages, but the rest aren't quite as bad!

Posted @ Mar 18 2015 09:43 am