Re-Run Around - Pt.7 Feb 25 2010 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

I might need to explain something. I watch a lotta anime in Japanese. It's occurred to me, after watching various series, that "ne" seems to be equivalent to the Canadian "eh" and the American "huh." Unfortunately, I have a horrible habit of picking up accents and speaking methods. Just wait until I make a comic after talkin' to some Brits or Ausies. "Ne" has stuck with me. I even use it when I'm actually talking, though most around me seem not to notice. As the Doo is me, or at least, the comics representation of me, he speaks like I do.

Wow... I dragged that out, ne? :)

Posted @ Feb 24 2010 01:35 pm

Posted @ Dec 10 2018 08:05 pm

Version 2!

A major rescript, and an epic nom.

Now, to settle an old argument, I wasn't really referring to the fact that I'd make my characters sound more <insert accent here> but rather, that I personally will sound more <insert accent here> after talking or listening to said accent all day. To date, I have some British phrases, Japanese, Canadian and Spanish words worked into my every-day vocabulary. It's just the way the Author-Doo is.

So, no more arguin', okay?

Posted @ Jan 11 2014 05:51 pm

The Fans' Comments:

Same Place!

Kirby fell asleep in the same spot as he did in the begining of the comic!

Posted @ Feb 25 2010 10:48 am


dont you dare insult my people with hints of us talking stupid!

Posted @ May 25 2010 03:37 am

So THAT explains what Jelly Jiggler is obssessed with in Bobobo-bo bo-bobo

Posted @ Feb 02 2011 05:59 pm

i agree with esnipplee
aussies are awesome especially me
especially people who hang around me

Posted @ May 13 2011 09:05 pm

@esnipplee: He wasn't insulting your people. He was talking about how talking to someone with a different accent influences him to make a comic with some kind of reference to that accent.

Posted @ Jan 28 2012 11:41 am

don't worry BSX I and a couple of my friends have that same problem which only gets worse when we hang around each other for a while. normally though it gets stuck on irish or brit setting

Posted @ Jan 10 2015 04:28 pm

Kirby, just WHY.

Posted @ May 05 2017 05:12 pm