The Meeting - Pt.3 Feb 13 2010 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:


If it isn't obvious by this point, I haven't the bloodiest idea what I'm doing, and make things up as I go. Fifty comics of complete randomness. And there's people who read it. I wish I knew where I am going with this story... but sadly, you'll have to deal with randomness for the foreseeable future.

But on the upside, I made it to #50! Wow, that takes something for me to do something like this fifty times. Nothing special this time, but maybe when I hit go ol' #100, I'll have something.

Posted @ Feb 12 2010 03:46 pm

Posted @ Oct 23 2018 09:35 pm

Version 2!

This one is COMPLETELY different from its old version, working into a certain flow. You'll see that happening from time to time.

Looking up above, I can't believe I was so excited about hitting number 50. Maybe that's because I've surpassed number 1000 now. Wow, have I come a LONG way since then.

Posted @ Dec 14 2013 06:21 pm

The Fans' Comments:


they should be careful theres a wild kirby in the tree!

Posted @ Aug 02 2014 08:19 pm

A wild kirby appered

Posted @ May 02 2018 05:37 pm