A New Foe - Pt.7 Jan 20 2010 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

Now that Kaaby was there, what could I do with her? I pondered on it for the better part of the morning before I came up with this. Let's just say, Kirby has a big stomach, and it makes a REALLY loud growl.

So this comic is a first for me in two ways. One, Not a single bit of spoken dialog (I think that makes it funnier,) and two, I didn't add the thick black frame dividers. Photoshop apparently add some nice ones for me.

Posted @ Jan 19 2010 01:00 pm

Posted @ Dec 10 2018 08:16 pm

Version 2!

Kaaby was made closer to the edge for a reason, a funnier poke. Other than that, no changes were made. There's still no talking in this comic. Well, the proper comic, anways.

Don't mind Keeby. I've been reading Bleach lately, and as such, he's gone out on a tangent. I'll have a talking-to with him later.

Posted @ Oct 14 2011 07:20 pm

Version 3!

Why fix what isn't broken?

Posted @ Aug 05 2013 02:53 pm

The Fans' Comments:

@ Keeby

Don't know. Isn't "bleach" a Japanese anime? Maybe it was translated wrong.

For instance, "Donkey Kong" was supposed to be "King Kong", but was translated wrong.

Posted @ Oct 14 2011 07:36 pm

Okay it's bleach because people think he bleaches his hair that color.
No DK was never King Kong they made sure not to do that so they wouldn't be sued. They were sued but were saved by a lawyer with the last name Kirby (named the puffball after him).
Donkey is supposed to mean stupid so his name is "stupid monkey" (or is it ape?)!

Posted @ Oct 14 2011 11:17 pm

Diddy's the monkey. DK's an ape, to my knowledge.

I used to know all the Kongs and what they were, but I haven't played any DK games in ages. Not that any of the later ones are anywhere near as good as the classic Donkey Kong Country series (though I have to try out that one the Wii...)

Posted @ Oct 14 2011 11:53 pm

Donkey Kong=Gorilla
Diddy=monkey(unknown species)
Dixie=to my knowledge same as Diddy
Candy=ape (think gorilla)
Kiddy=gorilla baby Dixie's cousin somehow
Tiny=Chimp or monkey (not sure) Dixie's sister
Lanky=oranagatan somehow related to everyone
Chunky=gorilla Kiddy's older bro.
Whatever DK's Mom's name was=gorilla deceased
Kong means ape or monkey.

Posted @ Oct 16 2011 12:12 am

Why don't you right back? Do you know how hard it is to type on a DS?

Posted @ Oct 17 2011 09:23 pm


Can't say I do...

Posted @ Dec 17 2011 07:30 pm

@MentalKnight64: I thought the reason they put Donkey Kong as his name was because of a mistranslation. His name, according to my brother, was originally Monkey Kong, but due to a mistranslation in the U.S., the M became a D, hence Donkey Kong. But the name fits, because of DK's strength and endurance, like how a donkey has good endurance, because if it didn't, they wouldn't have been very reliable. But that's my word, so idk.

Posted @ Jan 28 2012 11:22 am



Posted @ May 28 2012 08:33 pm

@Blue Kirby the l33t: o.e

Posted @ Jun 04 2012 10:06 am


Posted @ Jun 09 2012 12:31 am

@plasma_knight303: *awesome face*

Posted @ Dec 23 2012 09:41 pm

Everyone knows it's called Bleach because they're trying to cleanse the world of evil souls/arrancars/hollows, almost as if they're "Bleaching" the world!

Posted @ Jun 23 2013 12:18 pm

but kirbies can't drown

Posted @ May 05 2017 12:52 am