When in doubt... Dec 28 2009 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

...bribe someone.

Ok, I promised I'd explain about me. My Waddle Doo changes colors based on his mood. Red is generally annoyed, angry or excited, blue is sad, hurt or in this case, disbelief. The yellow-orange in my avatar means he's scared for his life, and is running away from some unknown beasty. He's normally greenish-gray.

By the way, though this isn't based on the anime (too much,) I took some elements from it for Kirby's personality. One, he doesn't talk TOO much, either repeating words or saying a few things. Two, I use Poyo a lot. It's a Kirby thing.

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Posted @ Dec 10 2018 08:08 pm

Version 2!

That's right, this comic has been re-done. The original has been shot and buried.

Just some script changes here again, along with some color fixes.

Posted @ Sep 29 2011 01:03 pm

Version 3!

I really changed the script on this one. But hey, that's the author's prerogative.

Posted @ May 15 2013 01:22 pm

The Fans' Comments:

I discovered this thanks to Ultimate_Yoshi and Luigi_96. So, you have them to thank for a new fan.
Also... time seems to pass quickly in these early comics... does that change?

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Commenting on the title


Posted @ May 28 2012 07:06 pm

@Kirby: Dude, you ARE Kirby.

Posted @ Jul 05 2012 03:07 pm

@UnDemanding Throne1542: Ignore 2011-me.
He's a moron.

Posted @ Aug 10 2014 09:57 am