Hallongrotta - Pt.4 Jul 08 2019 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

Summer is the worst season.

That is all.

Posted @ Jul 08 2019 03:00 am

Posted @ Aug 25 2019 09:42 pm

The Fans' Comments:

Each season has postives and negatives.

Summer's too hot alot of the time but can be rather nice. Good for swimming

Spring is fairly decent, though tends to be moggy'. Though theres those rare just right awesome days.

Autumn has alot rain, but the various colors of leafs are pretty.

Winter is fairly cold to really cold.
It can be fun, depends on the individual. Gives more reason to stay in though.

Oh and Belno continues to be increasingly frustated.

Posted @ Jul 08 2019 03:27 am

Dang it, Doo!

Oh, but I think Spring is the best.

Posted @ Jul 08 2019 03:57 am

Me: "Oh boy juicy information about Belno -"
Doo: *cuts away at the last second*

Posted @ Jul 08 2019 06:50 am

@Sudux: I think the part about eating a castle IS the "juicy information".

Posted @ Jul 08 2019 04:09 pm

@Kirbyfan27: Oof, you got me there.
*still slightly disappointed.*

Posted @ Jul 08 2019 04:15 pm

Belno can eat something that huge? Whoa!

Also, I say Spring is worst season (I'm alergic to pollen).

Posted @ Jul 08 2019 09:07 pm