Eighth Anniversary Event - Pt.15 Dec 24 2017 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

Why do you keep handing this off to me? Is it because you think I'm too lazy to make a larger comic every year to give you more room to talk?

Well, you're right.

So what did we get through this year? Slice of Cake and Mirror Mirror. I really liked Slice of Cake, it was fun doing a more "slice of life" style segment for one of the characters, and a fairly decent way to introduce a new character properly. Fizzy's fun, too, I should do more with him. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you're Ulti,) I have no new characters roaming around in my head, so I can't do another one of those for an introductory segment, but I should really plan one again. Maybe give Ku-ie some time to shine instead of just kind of being there.

Mirror Mirror was a fun one as well, a good bit of me manipulating things just because I could. I really don't flex my author muscles in-comic all that much. I'm certainly much less Anez than I used to be. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's good to have my own thing. But Mirror Mirror did let me give Mirror Kirby some trouble. I may say Ku-ie's a bit of a background character, but Mirror Kirby and Kible are probably worse. So many characters, so much to juggle.

Maybe I am truly crazy. Ah, well.

But hey, we've finally gotten around to our little honey-and-white kirby. She's been on the cast list for so long now, and unlike others, there was absolutely none of her before this segment. Yes, I see you Belno, you've had various showings, stop being grumpy. I look forward to working on this segment some more, she's going to be a nice one to work with, I'm sure.

And yes, it may've been during the anniversary party, but there is totally going to be a rivalry between the twins and her. Cuteness may have been a while ago, but that doesn't mean the competition will ever stop.

And now I've realized what this comic world has as its three cutest beings are all girls. Well, crap, now I need to make a new character for cuteness reasons and make it a boy. Gotta have balance.

Anyhoo, enough rambling from me this time, I think. And the me up there is right, we'll let the party continue 'till New Years, and then we'll pop back for a few days into the A Secret segment, before I take AGDQ's week off. It's scheduled for January 7th to 14th this year. And after that, we'll get right back on with the segment. Here's to another year, everyone.

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The Fans' Comments:

Just make a boy kirby and have him be the edgiest thing alive. That should balance out the cuteness factor. Or you could always make three guys to balance it out (any less and the ratio would be off).

Posted @ Dec 24 2017 06:11 am

Congrats on eight years of an amazing comic, Doo!

Posted @ Dec 24 2017 08:16 am

Congratulations on eight years!

Posted @ Dec 24 2017 09:25 am

Good job on two years!

*whisper*...huh, it's eight? Well, I've only been here for two!

Posted @ Dec 24 2017 10:22 am

Ive been here for almost all 8.
So doo, whats yours or the kirbies new year goal?
Do any of them other than you and etam know their in a comic?

Posted @ Dec 24 2017 10:46 am