Dangerous - Pt.8 Sep 13 2017 03:00 am
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Old Comic Update: Double Trouble - Pt.21

I'm planning on pruning my Links page again. Ulti and Nashew, you're fine, I'm just gonna change up the comics showing on your sections, but everyone else is fair game. Just lay down a comment on the pages between now and, oh, let's go to Fall, which is 9/22 (next Friday, not this one,) if you want your links to stay.

Posted @ Sep 12 2017 03:52 pm

Posted @ Jul 15 2018 03:46 pm

The Fans' Comments:

Huh, inverted Pringles 'Stache powers.

Posted @ Sep 13 2017 06:38 am

But what does Mustache ability DO?

Posted @ Sep 13 2017 09:02 am

I smell danger, in the form of a mustache.

OH GOD THE POWER OF FACIAL HAIR...doesn't beat the umbrella but a close 2nd~

Posted @ Sep 13 2017 09:37 am

If you look closely, the reticle of the Copy Ability, it's on the Mirror-Doc.

Posted @ Sep 13 2017 10:09 am

Facial Hair best ability

Posted @ Sep 13 2017 07:22 pm