Portal Watch - Pt.3 Aug 05 2014 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

Apparently not all places were made with a kirby tank in mind. Silly people.

The fourth wall doesn't exist in the quips. Invisible walls, however, are in full force.

Posted @ Aug 04 2014 04:00 pm

Posted @ Jun 23 2018 01:02 am

The Fans' Comments:

Hey! I'm back! Thanks, BattleStarX!
Also, yay for invisible walls!

Posted @ Aug 05 2014 04:33 am

I don't think Kaaby likes Kirby's idea.
Also, was I the only one who noticed the little reticle on the ceiling when Kirby became Bomb Kirby?

Posted @ Aug 05 2014 07:33 am

@Extremmefan: You're still mentioning it. >:(

Posted @ Aug 05 2014 09:56 am

Don't break the 4th wall, kids. *looks at screen*

Posted @ Aug 05 2014 10:17 am

@BattleStarX: Why is this such a difficult concept for some people?

Posted @ Aug 05 2014 12:11 pm

How much do you think it'd cost for me to commission a Kirby tank from Kaaby?

Posted @ Aug 05 2014 01:43 pm

You should use Ybrik Etamitlu in the main comic. That'd be hilarious. Dunno if UY will approve it though.

Posted @ Aug 05 2014 02:45 pm

@That one guy: Nah, I saw it there too by random chance.

Posted @ Aug 05 2014 03:46 pm

@BattleStarX: So? Mentioning it shouldn't matter. It's not like I said it.
EDIT: There! You're happy?

Posted @ Aug 06 2014 03:42 am

I am surprised no one considered that Kaaby wasn't too happy when Kirby crashed into the hospital not too long ago.

Posted @ Jan 18 2017 09:40 am