Going Home - Pt.10 Jul 29 2014 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

Nobody has to worry about that tree anymore. It was nuked.

Posted @ Jul 28 2014 04:42 pm

Posted @ Jun 18 2018 01:46 pm

The Fans' Comments:

And the Tree was the only thing that exploded also ADVENTURE!

Posted @ Jul 29 2014 07:27 am

.....You forgot the second l in the fourth panel.

You seem to have an l problem. Did you forget to pay the Alphabet bill?

Posted @ Jul 29 2014 07:55 am

Photoshop has this odd lag when I'm typing, that's prolly all it is. I definitely hit it, but it doesn't register.

Posted @ Jul 29 2014 08:40 am

I agree with Etam

Posted @ Jul 29 2014 02:06 pm

First off, I just want to apologize in advance if this ends up sounding pushy.

Secondly, I never got a reply concerning my cameo request that I submitted a little while back. I sent you an email about it, but you never replied to that, so I posted a comment on Recharging the Batteries part 16. Do you think you could look at it?

Posted @ Jul 30 2014 01:31 am

@HatKirby: I did make a mention of it. So, here, in front of everyone, I say no, you won't get a cameo. All cameo's so far have provided their own sprites, which helps speed up the process of quips. They're supposed to be fast, not take up any more time than a panel in the main comic. And I don't feel your character would be fun wot work with.


Posted @ Jul 30 2014 07:47 am


Posted @ Jul 30 2014 02:44 pm