Loose Ends - Pt.23 May 22 2014 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

I almost didn't get a chance to make my comic today, I was waging war against this HUGE bee that decided it liked the inside of my home.

I won.

Posted @ May 21 2014 05:51 pm

Posted @ Jun 18 2018 01:46 pm

The Fans' Comments:

That kinda reminds me of the massive bumblebees floating around near the trailers of my school. Seriously, I don't even know why they're there. But I have to somehow get past them every other day...you see, this is why I hate spring.

Back on topic, I'm pretty sure we all know Meta Knight can back up his threat.

Posted @ May 22 2014 06:25 am

@Syogren: I remember this one bee that used to follow us around at my old bus stop... We ended up calling it the 'pervert bee.' When my friend found the weirdest bee in the world on the same day (it had SPIKES, for Pete's sake), it kinda started a thing between us.

Posted @ May 22 2014 08:03 am

@BattleStarX: I would've just burned the place down. D:

Posted @ May 22 2014 09:02 am

@Sapar: Are you quite sure it was the same bee every time?

Posted @ May 22 2014 09:35 am


Posted @ May 22 2014 09:35 am

Hey. Y'all show bees some respect, there currently endangered ya know.

Posted @ May 22 2014 02:39 pm

@Jarkes: Considering that it was the only bee that was still alive in WINTER??

*ahem* Yes. Yes I am.

@Guest: I heard from one of my teachers that dandelions are important to their survival, for some reason I don't remember.

Posted @ May 22 2014 04:26 pm

@Guest: I respect them. I just want them away from me. Pollinating the flowers or something, idk. I don't go near the flowers. But what's the point of floating next to the trailers? Are they lost?

Posted @ May 22 2014 05:37 pm

Probably the worst wake-up call I have ever had was when a carpenter bee found its way into my bed one morning...needless to say, I didn't need coffee. when the same thing happened to my dad, I couldn't help but scream "BURN IT!!" I probably sounded evil...

Posted @ May 22 2014 09:40 pm

Okay, so I finally caught up.
If I ever get prepared, I am wanting to do a comic as a serious version that combines all kirby games and still has a funny tone sometimes.

Posted @ May 22 2014 10:00 pm

@Tiger-Fuather: Me too! It's nice to have a Megaman comic but I find Kirby so cute!

Posted @ Jul 28 2014 04:03 am