Loose Ends - Pt.19 May 18 2014 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

Of course he'll be back. After all, he's made it to the cast list!

Not that that'll help you any, they could easily change positions.

Posted @ May 17 2014 03:15 pm

Posted @ May 20 2018 12:17 pm

The Fans' Comments:

Hmm... Well this is awkward...

Posted @ May 18 2014 03:41 am

AH we finally know what the difference is! ^^

Posted @ May 18 2014 07:45 am

Is it bad I don't have a kirby-related avatar? I'm drawing a Kirby/Pokemon cross-over avatar now though.

Posted @ May 18 2014 08:37 am

So "modern" Author Doo came from the future to stop the "old" Author Doo from doing something bad...?

Well, Kirby will need to find a way to stop Kimmal after this because Kimmal would definitely be pissed and want that "sword" rivals with Galaxia.

Posted @ May 18 2014 11:30 am

Again my question has been answered on the comic (or this time in a mini comic thingy). So cool!

Posted @ May 18 2014 02:06 pm

How along Kirby will standing on Kimmal?XD

Posted @ May 18 2014 11:45 pm

I thought so, The two Doos were different times. But does this mean a time paradox here?

Posted @ May 19 2014 05:36 am

The older one is an eensy weesy tiny winy itty bitty little bit taller than the other? But I doubt that difference is there to stay, and plus it might just be my imagination.

Posted @ Jun 16 2015 11:57 pm