Fourth Anniversary Q&A - Pt.7 Dec 21 2013 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

Squish denied!

Old Comics Updated:
The Meeting - Part 6, Part 7, and Part 8.

By the way, I have a bit of a potentially nasty ice storm heading my way, so if you don't hear from me, blame the ice, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Posted @ Dec 20 2013 03:16 pm

Posted @ Jun 21 2018 08:39 pm

No comics coming out tomorrow. Yes, I currently have power, but the crap I walked through on the way back home from work spiked my annoyance levels.

Trust me, the Author-Doo gets very, very snarky when he has high annoyance levels.

Posted @ Dec 21 2013 04:55 pm

The Fans' Comments:

No! Not the squish!

Posted @ Dec 21 2013 08:52 am

@BattleStarX: XD Apparently no one can squish Doo!

Also stay safe we all love you OwO

Posted @ Dec 21 2013 09:15 am

I've been wondering that since last year.

Posted @ Dec 21 2013 09:19 am

if you're fast enough you can

Posted @ Dec 21 2013 11:58 am

@Divine Knight: I bet Kexas can!

Posted @ Dec 21 2013 02:44 pm

i won questons, how kirby now all kirbys names? i'm so want know that

Posted @ Dec 22 2013 08:28 am

@gracia worrior: It´s a Secret!

Posted @ Dec 23 2013 11:26 am

Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but what is donator status?

Posted @ Jan 03 2014 04:31 pm

Kublie squishes everyone but she fails when it comes to Author Doo.

Posted @ Oct 21 2016 08:36 pm

*jaws theme folowed my sad trumpet solo*

Posted @ Jun 11 2018 08:59 am