So Much Cake - Pt.8 Dec 12 2013 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

I hope you didn't forget about Master Green already. As to why Kurie would leave him in charge while she's out, well, you'll have to wait for that segment (Dimensional Mishaps) to learn more about that end. Which, of course, is actually a decent distance away, since Meta Knight's segment, Meta Knight (creative, I know,) is up next.

After we finish with getting everyone together for chatting, questions, and me making a big fuss over the 1000th comic and the Fourth Anniversary.

Posted @ Dec 11 2013 04:57 pm

Posted @ Apr 19 2018 09:49 pm

@kirby444: As you can see from my author comment, I posted this comic in the evening, but I schedule its release for 4am EST the next day. This helps keep a consistent release time for things, rather than a post whenever I make it, which would be a lil' chaotic.

@NGamerS31: Time is a lil' wibbly-wobbly in a sprite comic. Just because it's been four years on the outside, with at least five years implied before that, the only definite time that's gone by is the five years. Any comment about it being "that time of the year, again" isn't entirely canon, it's just me, the Author-Doo, manipulating the words of the kirbies without them being fully aware of it. How much time has passed in the comic since it starts? Who knows.

As for how long it takes a kirby to reach maturity, well that's something different all together. Kirby is definitely one of the "original bunch," the older kirbies in my comic, but he still has plenty of child-like qualities and joys, while Kible and Keeby are far more level-headed and mature acting, especially Kible. As for when they would reach adulthood, who knows, they're "born" ready to go, so technically, they're adults from the start, I suppose. How long can they live? Again, who knows. They might out-live DeDeDe, DeDeDe might out-live them. That's something I probably won't get too deep in.

As for the last batch, no. Batamon are Batamon, kirbies are kirbies, and Jigglypuff are Jigglypuff. DeDeDe's an over-grown Pengi, Meta Knight is a Kirby, and the Author-Doo is a madman.

By the way, I posted over here so there wouldn't be a HUGE wall of text on the regular section, don't worry.

Posted @ Dec 12 2013 08:00 am

The Fans' Comments:

YAY! I'm first to comment. And do you wake up early or go to bed late? Yes i know this is probably a stupid question, but i want to know because you post your comics very early.

Posted @ Dec 12 2013 03:18 am

@kirby444: you're probably just in difrent time zones.
Also: @BattleStarX: how long does it take a kirby to reach a fully mature state? because kirby is somewhat old by now... In human years that is.
And if you don't want to awnser that, then, are batamon kirbys? if yes than is batamon the name of the speicies or of an individual?
Sorry if that's too much!

Posted @ Dec 12 2013 06:12 am

There's typo in 3rd panel. Instead of Teelzy it is Teely.

Posted @ Dec 12 2013 08:12 am

White kirby with brown feet. Yet another character I don't remember. -n-

Posted @ Dec 12 2013 08:27 am

@BattleStarX: My personal headcanon is that Batamon and Kirbies are of the same species, and that the ones you see in KD3 are a sort of wandering outcast, and that they're all actually the same guy in different places(or maybe two or three guys with the same weird-eyed deformity). But hey, that's headcanon for ya- strange and convoluted.

Posted @ Dec 12 2013 09:38 am

I wonder what will happen to Kirby IF Author-Doo catches up with him?

Posted @ Dec 12 2013 08:09 pm