Another Cake Fiasco - Pt.8 Nov 22 2013 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

Kuxxel is very hard on Kirby, now that she's stuck with him all the time. I imagine there's a LOT of behind-the-scenes squishing going on.

Posted @ Nov 21 2013 04:39 pm

Posted @ Jun 21 2018 08:41 pm

The Fans' Comments:

@BattleStarX: yep, especially since the microphone incident

Posted @ Nov 22 2013 06:52 am

Koppit, you fangirl, Ku-ie eats Kirby and poops out hammers. DON'T MESS WITH HER.

... There is nothing disturbing about what I just said.

Posted @ Nov 22 2013 07:51 am

Kirby is a celebrity! :D

Posted @ Nov 22 2013 08:46 am

Why Keeby no celeb? KEEBY SHOULD BE CELEB!

Posted @ Nov 22 2013 12:09 pm

@Omega Kirby: nah! he is too angry! and has not saved Popstar like Kirby!

Posted @ Nov 22 2013 05:13 pm