Final Dungeon - Pt.2 Oct 07 2013 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

I've prolly been doing it for a while, but in case you're curious, I often use the tilde (~) for one of two things.

One way is how Kirby's using it up there. It's to extend the sound of the syllables without making them look all weird when I type them out, especially since how I extend things may not necessarily how someone else does it. May let you hear the words in your head better. This particular style is something new I've picked up while writing.

The second way, when it's just at the end of a word, or rather a sentence, means the whole thing is done sort of sing-songy, as a way of teasing who they're talking to. I've been doing that for a while now, it's kinda something I've picked up while reading some manga.

Ya know, I think it's been a while since I've gone explaining what I do and why I do it.

And by the way, no old comic updated. Know that thing I said about writing? Well, I've been typing out a story that's been rummaging around in my head. No, don't expect a comic out of it, the necessary art skill to properly portray it is far out of my league.

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The Fans' Comments:

He probably DID eat before they came here.

Posted @ Oct 07 2013 06:21 am

@BattleStarX: A story, huh? Sounds interesting!

Posted @ Oct 07 2013 08:38 am

@BattleStarX: Tell me a story, papa! *shot and brick'd*

Posted @ Oct 07 2013 10:01 am