Rescue - Pt.4 Sep 10 2013 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

Keeby's not very tech-savvy.

And there goes Ninja Kirby. Ya know, there are plenty of times I wish there was a Pirate Kirby. Don't know why that popped up in my head, but there ya go.

Posted @ Sep 09 2013 05:05 pm

Posted @ Jun 23 2018 01:03 am

The Fans' Comments:

@BattleStarX: Hmm.. That sounds like a good idea. A pirate could add some unusual spice to this comic.

Posted @ Sep 10 2013 07:17 am

I wish Ninja Kirby could really do that.

Pirate would be awesome, as would Knight.

Posted @ Sep 10 2013 08:40 am

it would be too fun if Kirby tripped and fell on Keeby! then he took out a Pirate disguise! XD

Posted @ Sep 10 2013 11:06 am

Kirby donned a pirate hat in the opening to Orange Ocean, does that count?

Posted @ Sep 10 2013 01:44 pm

So Kirby was the other guy to figure out how to walk on the ceiling. I've been wondering about that for a while................

Posted @ Sep 10 2013 04:40 pm

Be careful what you WISH for, Keeby...

Posted @ Sep 10 2013 06:05 pm