Good Toys - Pt.5 Jul 19 2013 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

Blasted heat... if you don't hear from me for a bit, it's because this heat melted my wireless box. I feel sorry for the poor thing. This region isn't supposed to be THAT hot, no where near.

At least I got KotOR 2 working fine now.

Posted @ Jul 18 2013 06:06 pm

Posted @ May 20 2018 08:41 am

The Fans' Comments:

@BattleStarX: Wasn't KotOR 2 an obvious beta that had a good chunk of content cut and not very good as a result?

Posted @ Jul 19 2013 08:02 am

There was a Restored Content Mod that is pretty much a requirement for the game. It not only opens up a LOT of cut content, but fixes so many bugs, and makes other Quality of Life improvements to the game.

Once all that's thrown in, you realize how good of a game KotOR 2 is, maybe even better than KotOR 1. But its box, vanilla version? Forget about it, horrible game.

Posted @ Jul 19 2013 08:12 am

I didn't know it got that hot in Canada. O_o

Posted @ Jul 19 2013 08:35 am

Blame the geese... Or Sugar Noddies...

Posted @ Jul 19 2013 10:18 am

@Sapar, I've been wondering this for a long time....WHAT THE HECK ARE SUGAR NODDIES?

Posted @ Jul 19 2013 10:23 am

@BattleStarX: i wonder whats México we have storms and cold...while in Canada is hot....what´s going on the world!?

Posted @ Jul 19 2013 11:06 am

@MecanicalCH: blame the squids or the global warming issue, but the geese are NOT fine with that.

Posted @ Jul 19 2013 12:25 pm

what is KotOR?

Posted @ Jul 19 2013 12:31 pm

@Guest: Knights of the Old Republic, a series of Star Wars games set about four thousand years before the ending of Star Wars Episode VI. They are some of the BEST Star Wars video games ever released. And some of the few not "messed up" by the new movies coming out starting in 2015.

The one I'm currently workin' on, KotOR 2, was rushed, and to call it buggy would be an understatement, but thankfully, there are devoted people who know how to fix developer mistakes.

The whole series is:
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox/PC)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords (Xbox/PC)

Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC)

Posted @ Jul 19 2013 06:31 pm

@Omega Kirby: The polar opposites of regular Noddies. extremely hyperactive creatures. Although, I've started to come to think of them as Sugarmen, as far as potential obscure video game characters go...

Posted @ Jul 24 2013 05:06 pm

Kuxxel, you should've learned by now that you don't mess with Kaaby and her design skills. I predict a squish soon.

Posted @ Oct 30 2013 10:38 am