While You Were Away... - Pt.13 May 18 2013 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

Someone is in serious need of some anger management. Though mercilessly slaughtering your minions is good stress relief.

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On The Road - Pt.1

Posted @ May 17 2013 06:52 pm

Posted @ May 24 2018 08:58 am

The Fans' Comments:

Classic supervillain style FTW.

Posted @ May 18 2013 08:25 am

Anyone else having trouble displaying images today? Or is it just me?

Posted @ May 18 2013 09:22 am

@Luigi_96: I can't see anything on NetNewsWire, but Safari handles it just fine. A few errors here and there, but It works on the first or second try.

Also, Dark Meta probably shouldn't destroy his minions. Especially not all of them.

Posted @ May 18 2013 10:16 am

Hm... I had trouble getting the comics to load - had to refresh a couple times.

Posted @ May 18 2013 11:33 am

@Luigi_96: I even had to refresh on DSIXL. Then, the picture of the previous commenter didn`t appear.
Might be a server bug.
Yeah, it did this with Kirby's adventure too and its never happened before.

Posted @ May 18 2013 05:08 pm

This is like the fifth time today that an SJ image won't load for me. Ah well. Guess I won't know what is happening.

Posted @ May 18 2013 05:13 pm

Okay, so it's not just me.

Posted @ May 18 2013 06:26 pm

Okay, now I saw it. Poor Plasma Wisps.

Posted @ May 19 2013 09:57 am

I am today.
Edit: I can't even see my own avatar, LOL.

Posted @ May 19 2013 07:15 pm