While You Were Away... - Pt.9 May 14 2013 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

50 to go!

That's right, in only 50 more comics, we'll hit the legendary 1000 comic mark. Can you believe it? This comic will actually hit the 1000 mark. I remember when I first started this, I never expected it to hit 500, much less 1000. I'm getting kinda giddy. But don't expect me to just stop everything for the 1000th Comic Celebration, that'll worked into Gourmet Goodies, even though it may be about 100 comics too late. But hey, the Dark Matter Crisis segments are too important for frilly interruptions like that. Besides, the Author-Doo doesn't have any presence in these comics right now.

Also, did you enjoy that little teaser yesterday? That's right, since I've decided to do DDD News on certain days, and I haven't gotten anywhere near the level I want to for my future hand-drawn comic, I've decided to start redoing the old comics again.

And it's not just a simple refreshing and removal of .jpegs, this will include resizing the comics as well. Everything will eventually be the same size. Along the way, colors will be fixed to modern standards, any spelling/grammar errors will be fixed, and in general, things will look oh-so-much nicer.

They'll pop out on days when DDD News isn't being updated, and I'll do at least one, but sometimes, depending on how bored I am, more will pop up as well. After all, there's 678 comics before the resize first showed up, so there's pretty much that many that will have to be fixed.

Woo! Super-long Author Comment is a go!

Posted @ May 13 2013 05:58 pm

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The Fans' Comments:

Well, that was unexpected...

Also, will you be posting alerted to which comics were remade?

Posted @ May 14 2013 10:03 am

Maybe not WHEN I put them up, but, sure, I'll do a lil' summary on the next day's comic about which ones I've updated, since they'll all be put up at the same time.

I'll even link to them, since I know how to do that, and it's fun.

Posted @ May 14 2013 01:26 pm

And then every single bone in Korby's body breaks.

Posted @ May 17 2013 02:08 pm

squish count +1

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