Emergency Meeting - Pt.23 Mar 06 2013 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

Even Mirror Kirby is powerless before the badass that is Kexas.

By the way, do any of you realize what a pain hiragana is to learn? I've been trying to teach myself how to write in it, but it's definitely NOT going well. Ah, well, I'll get the hang of at least reading it eventually, if not writing in it. My writing in normal letters is horrible enough, much less trying to write in hiragana...

Posted @ Mar 05 2013 05:31 pm

Posted @ May 20 2018 08:34 am

The Fans' Comments:

irratation mode is on!

Posted @ Mar 06 2013 04:35 am

hiragana is easier than katakana though. katakana has ソ/ン and シ/ツ floating around to confuse you. anyway, www.realkana.com is a good resource. It's basically kana tables and flashcards. As for japanese handwriting, It's just a pain, especially あ and を. Use the correct stroke order. It actually helps make them look a little better. Good luck!

Posted @ Mar 06 2013 05:29 am

inverted world!
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Posted @ Mar 06 2013 08:41 am

*Whispering at Kexas ear*

NMK:do it do it! you know you want to test if Mirror Kirby will be a good opponent!

Posted @ Mar 06 2013 01:24 pm

Oh, great!

@Mirror Kirby: Thank the stars you didn't challenge Kexas! -_-'

Posted @ Mar 07 2013 12:40 pm