Reasons - Pt.32 Sep 07 2011 11:00 pm
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

Keeby and Kuxel NEVER get along, and they never will.

Prolly means they'll get married when this comic is officially over.

...I kid. This comic will probably end as randomly as it began.

Posted @ Sep 07 2011 04:55 pm

Posted @ May 20 2018 12:18 pm

The Fans' Comments:

Kuxxel reserves lots of rights, doesn't she?

Posted @ Sep 08 2011 12:30 am


Of course! She IS the Arena champion :D
Anyone who argues with her would get their butt whooped.

Posted @ Sep 08 2011 01:01 am


Actually, Kexas is the Arena champion. And Kuxxel is no Kexas. She is just the leader of the P.S.S.S.

Posted @ Sep 08 2011 09:43 am

@Frosty Yoshi

... But she still whoops butts, doesn't she?

Posted @ Sep 08 2011 05:45 pm

Can't argue with that logic.

Posted @ Sep 08 2011 06:27 pm



EDIT: Wow, this is my first comment containing less than 5 words! Even better: it's just 1 word. That is very rare, as I often have various things to say. Like what I just sayed... But... that means...


Wordheadache... cancel out own comment... too many... words...

Posted @ Sep 09 2011 08:57 am