Royal Whipping - Pt.4 Apr 04 2011 11:00 pm
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

Hey, look. A new poyo kirby. Wonder what's up with that one? So do I.

By the way, this one is "lightish-red" with green boots. I've been watching too much Red vs. Blue lately.

Oh, do me a favor and check out the Credits and Links page. No real additions in either (though Mirror Kirby's finally on,) it's just the fact that I've finally gotten around to "cleaning" up the pages and making them look neater.

Posted @ Apr 04 2011 05:24 pm

Posted @ Sep 26 2017 07:48 am

The Fans' Comments:

Cool!Just don't use a orange kirby with green,okay? I'm using that design.

Also,you did a good job with the credits page.

Posted @ Apr 05 2011 09:56 am

...That text is hard to read.

Posted @ Apr 05 2011 02:21 pm

Yay new kirby!

With poyoese. Also, I never knew you watched RvB.

Posted @ Apr 05 2011 03:12 pm

Yeah, I agree, that text is a bit harder to read. Maybe I'll use a darker green for the text, should make it easier to see on that color.

And I don't JUST watch RvB, I own all the DVDs of RvB. Considering how little I play Halo, even owning an XBox 360, I just LOVE that show. Especially Season 8, Episode 10. For all those that have never watched that show, you need not watch any other episode but that one.

Posted @ Apr 05 2011 06:08 pm

There's DVDs of Red vs. Blue?

Posted @ Apr 05 2011 08:07 pm

What in the name of Popstar is RvB?

Posted @ Apr 05 2011 08:13 pm


Was that the one with the butt-kicking Tex gave?

Posted @ Apr 06 2011 04:44 pm