Royal Whipping - Pt.3 Apr 03 2011 11:00 pm
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

Looks like Dedede's minions have better intel than he does. Not, you know, it's wise to rub it in his face, or in the face of anyone who happens to have a weapon equal in size or larger than you.

Hence, the little bit of sycophantic work at the end there.

Posted @ Apr 03 2011 04:35 pm

Posted @ Sep 26 2017 07:54 am

The Fans' Comments:

I take back what I said yesterday. It's just Dedede who dumb.
AND if you wanna know bout the kirbs go to the credits page.

Posted @ Apr 04 2011 07:04 am

And you CAN rub it in his face when you can easily beat him up.

Posted @ Apr 04 2011 08:01 am