Warped Journey - Pt.1 Mar 01 2011 11:00 pm
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

So they came together a little faster than I though. Still, 29 days on one segment. Not bad, ne? As you can see, we're back to the normal four frame comic. Good news, I'm sure, as it's a little easier to follow. Bad news, we're gonna get freaky.

Why? Because I can. And this segment is called Warped Journey for a reason.

Posted @ Mar 01 2011 07:18 pm

Posted @ Aug 20 2017 02:43 am

The Fans' Comments:


It is funny that Kirby knows everyone!

Posted @ Mar 01 2011 11:21 pm


Yes it is.That nevers get old.
But,anyway,This kinda sounds like my idea(which I don't mind if you used)I'm pretty sure I know what you mean by "Warped".

Posted @ Mar 02 2011 06:07 am


Posted @ Mar 02 2011 08:23 am

Did you know I'm makin a sprite comic rite now? i'm almost to Chapter 2,after a whole year doin the prologue and Chapter 1.
Actually,it's only 6 more days b4 the anniversary.

Posted @ Mar 02 2011 10:58 am

Just got to chapter2-On second though this has nothing to do with the comic. I'll shut up now.

Posted @ Mar 02 2011 01:31 pm

So Karby can't fly because HE'S heavy? Kirby is the one with the bottomless stomach here...or there. Or whatever.

...so they were all trying to get to the same place?

Is it the Mirror World or whatever it's called?

Posted @ Mar 02 2011 01:33 pm

Kuzzie and Keeby are both headin' tryin' to find Kubby and Kublie (for somewhat different reasons.) I'm gonna be using the Mirror World shortly (which will look EXTREMELY freaky) as sort of a "warp pipe" for lack of better term, since they don't know WHERE those two are exactly.

Of course, jokes and randomness will happen along the way.

Posted @ Mar 02 2011 04:30 pm

Of course,It's not a dream adventure without jokes and randomness.

Posted @ Mar 02 2011 05:41 pm