Double Trouble - Pt.25 Feb 25 2011 03:00 am
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

Top Half: *gasp!* Another new kirby! And Kirby ate the other statue! ...Does anyone know how much Kirby can eat?

Bottom Half: An extra dose of Randomness was required. And did I make you look over your shoulder with the feeling of being watched? No? Good.

Extra Note: I know February's almost done. Double Trouble, however, isn't. It might go a week or two into March. Doesn't bother me too much, I actually like doing the comic like this. I feel I get so much more done, even though each "team" only gets two frames a day.

Posted @ Feb 24 2011 04:20 pm

Posted @ Jun 20 2018 09:17 pm

Version 2!

A slight re-scripting, but still pretty much the same.

Posted @ Sep 21 2017 05:24 pm