Double Trouble - Pt.15 Feb 14 2011 11:00 pm
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The Author-Doo Speaks:

Top Half: Like I said before. The Warp Star is safe. Kirby's driving is not.

Bottom Half: How would you react if someone told you they had "squid problems"?

Side Note: I'm really getting the hang of the split comics, and am actually enjoying making them. Does this mean I'll continue with the split format once the month is over? Not likely, but it does mean I will do them from time to time, whenever I feel the need to do another arc like this.

Posted @ Feb 14 2011 07:36 pm

Posted @ Jul 24 2017 07:31 pm

The Fans' Comments:

Bottom Half: I'd say "I HADE SQUID!".

Posted @ Feb 14 2011 11:29 pm

@Top half- I forsee a repetition of events here. Wait, which kirby comic was that? Er, whatever, it was either this or the one that Ultimate writes... Technically it's also canon. I don't think he's ever used that thing without busting a few walls. :P

Posted @ Feb 15 2011 05:53 am

Top Half: ...-_-...(sighs)
Why can't you just wake him up?
BattleStar X:Then,it wouldn't be funny in the next one.

Posted @ Feb 15 2011 09:42 am

@Striffen Cloud:
Are you referring to Ultimate_Yoshi, or Ultimate the Hedgehog? If the former, he writes two Kirby comics. Be more specific...
...Oh, I think you were referring to the former. Because he uses a "Warp Star crash" gag in BOTH comics. Whoops.

Posted @ Feb 15 2011 07:31 pm

Yes, I meant U Yoshi, not Hedgie.

Posted @ Feb 16 2011 06:45 am