Double Trouble - Pt.11 Feb 11 2011 03:00 am
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New Font Day Three: AR ESSENCE

Top Frame: Do remember that Kuzzie's currently hangin' out well in the sky. So no, Kirby didn't *actually* come through the frames between the halves (though that is FAR funnier.) And no, I forgot the real name of that region, it's been AGES since I played, so Cloud Palace sounds as good as any name to me.

Bottom Half: Kible hasn't caught up with them yet, and as you already guessed, Keeby doesn't like her (just like she doesn't like Keeby.) Fun little rag-tag group, isn't it?

Posted @ Feb 10 2011 06:11 pm

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Version 2!

Just making things pretty, nothing really changed here.

Posted @ Aug 16 2017 10:33 am